Our Story

Embrace the Process with a Candid Soul 


Ravin Joseph began her wellness venture, Candid Soul Company, to expand on her purpose and help women cultivate self-love and honor who they want to become in life. 

Taking a chance in life has the potential to mold you into who you need to be in your upcoming chapters in life. Ravin Joseph offers her clients a real opportunity to make a difference that can transform their lives in a direction they could never have predicted. It’s where her heart resides. Growing up, Ravin has always taken the road less traveled to assist others in succeeding in life. During her own experiences of self-discovery, she was able to channel through her journey and use writing as a way to propel herself into her purpose. After feeling so lost and uncertain in life, she began creating habits that transformed her perspective. It later became clear that a lot of the problems people faced were due to untapped healing of life wounds and painful struggles from their past. Ravin wanted to go to the source and make a difference in people’s lives before it became too late. 

By having her own spiritual awakening, she knew she would have to access the same subconscious and beliefs in others in order to address their root problems and support them in the journey. Ravin prioritized her purpose by becoming a life coach to help other women create and sustain a healthier lifestyle. In her own experience as an educator and leader, she has worked deeply in social-emotional learning and development, building trust and results along the way. Now, through traditional healing methods, writing sessions, group sessions, one-on-one coaching, and continued learnings, Ravin is diligent in her work of helping people grow past their setbacks and experience the freedom that comes from healing within. Her podcast, Get Candid, is an additional outlet for women and highlights personal development tips and stories of real experiences. As an extension to her podcast, Ravin also has a YouTube Channel which hosts vlogs of behind the scenes moments of each topic. She is determined for others to see that by taking a chance on self-love, you are taking a step forward in becoming the best version of yourself.