Get Candid Podcast

Get Candid Podcast
Get Candid
Hosted by Ravin Joseph 
Topics covered: Wellness & Personal Development
Hosted by Ravin Joseph, Get Candid is an up and coming podcast where experiences resources, strategies and tips to help cultivate overall wellness and personal development, are shared and discussed. With a passion for helping people live a better quality of life and a penchant for telling engaging narratives, Ravin Joseph is a scholar and visionary, actively involved in reaching out through various activities, including this podcast. Formerly known as Custom-made In New York, the rebranded podcast hopes to inspire listeners to challenge social norms and passé perspectives, guiding them towards effective ways to tackle goals, fulfilling the vision they have for life. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, the Get Candid Podcast seeks to positively influence society with open discussions, and is well on their way to inspiring an entire generation of people. Tune in to the Get Candid Podcast today to discover your truth and live your best life.

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