Meet Ravin Joseph





Ravin Joseph is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Educational Leadership administrator, mentor and avid entrepreneur. She is the founder of Candid Soul Company and Ladies about Elevation Inc., a non-profit organization that empowers young women to achieve their highest potential.

As a life coach with a specialization in personal development and self-love, she works with people who are committed to taking proactive steps towards achieving meaningful, positive change. Her life coaching is designed to help you find clarity in your goals, challenge the underlying assumptions, identify stumbling blocks and take action that is aligned with your life goals.

Ravin provides a safe, non-judgmental space for people to reset and become aware of how they view their lives and the world around them. She is driven by a passion for helping people discover their life purpose, regain control of their lives and thrive.

Ravin’s greatest joy comes from making products that enhance self-care and wellness. Her Candid Soul Candles have a calming effect that helps people rejuvenate and relax. Handcrafted with love, the candles are sealed with words of affirmation that aim to uplift, and inspire women.

Aligning with her personal development life coaching goals is her podcast “Get Candid”, a wellness program for women of color. In this podcast, she shares eye opening wisdom nuggets and candid reflections that empower women to discover their life purpose, regain control of their lives and thrive.


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