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Candid Soul Co.

INTENSITY | Sea Salt + Orchid

INTENSITY | Sea Salt + Orchid

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 This floral and salty fragrance Intensity is an uncommon mixture but blends well. Its mixture includes hints of citrus, orchids and sea salt. It's powerful aroma will fill the room and is good for use year-round.

Item Detail

- 8 oz

- height 3.5" diameter 2.88"

-phthalates free soy wax American grown

- hand-poured in New York City

- wick made from cotton and is zinc and lead-free

- burns 45- 52 hours

Candle Care

- Do not burn the candle for longer than 4 hours

- Make sure the wick is cut to 1/4" before burning

- allow the candle to burn to create a full melt pool  during first use to maximize candle life

Safety Precautions:

-Only burn the candle on a leveled, fire-resistant surface.

-Stop burning your candle when only ¼ inch of wax remains. 

-Never extinguish a candle by putting on the lid.

- always keep candles in sight and away from vibrations, drafts, children, and pets.

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